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High Hope Int'l Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Ltd. was a state-owned holding limited company founded in January 1, 1987, with registered capital of the company is RMB 130 million. With the development of the business, it has become an integrated company spanning the areas of domestic and international trading, investment and industry. In 2016, the total import and export volume of this company was USD 802 million, and the revenue was RMB 4.5 billion.


In terms of trading, knitted apparels and home-textiles are traditional business of the company and has been a leader in the industry for decades. As a new business in recently years, import business of timber, chemicals, beef and mutton and fresh product has rapidly entered leading position of the industry. Besides the excellent partnership with the local clients, the company has established good relationship with the customers from US, EU and Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and other countries and regions. Our consistent “superior quality, excellent service and creditable management” have led to wide acclaim from the customers home and abroad. In recent years, the company has been maintaining a stable leading position among the Jiangsu provincial import & export companies by its total business volume.


Along with the trade development, the company is always being active in the industrial investment that more than 10 holdings are under its name classified into manufacturing enterprises, and trading companies, quasi-financial pawnshops. Their sound operations play an important supporting role for the company's industrialized and diversified development.


High Hope Int'l Group Jiangsu Champion Holdings Ltd., is certificated enterprise of ISO9001 QMS and ISO14001EMS, and used be awarded the honor of "civilized unit of Jiangsu province" and “National Labor Certificate”.  The trademark of “Forecast Spring” is the international well-known brand cultivated and developed in Jiangsu province. 


We always uphold the core values of “diligence and integrity, exploring and innovation, cooperation and win-win”, and strive to create value for customers and society.


During the period of the 13th Five Year Plan, the strategic positioning of the company is: integrating global resources, using services to create value, and becoming a highly professional modern supply chain integration operating enterprise.The company aims to adhere to imports and exports, greatly develop textile, clothing, and home textile businesses, increase investment to platform construction, improve the competitive advantages of traditional businesses; actively cultivate business strength integrating foreign and domestic resources through equity cooperation based on the domestic market to strive to form a distinctive Champion Holdings operating mode at the end of the 13th Five Year Plan and create a new Champion Holdings.



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